Consumer Trends in Food & Health

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The International Food and Information Council (IFIC) recently released their latest Food & Health Trends survey data and boy did the American people have some things to say.  The first of a series of webinars aired last week, reporting some of their findings.  Let”s take a look at some of the things America’s consumers had to say about food, health, and nutrition this year:

  • The factors that influence consumers’ food/beverage purchases (in order of perceived importance):

1) Taste

2) Price

3) Healthfulness

4) Convenience

  • Calories are the #1 thing people look at on the Nutrition Facts panel of foods and beverages.
  • Almost 80% of Americans say they’re trying to lose or maintain their weight.
  • Top three motivators to being physically active:

1) Losing weight

2) Looking better

3) Enjoyment

  • Sources of information that guide consumers’ food & health practices:

1) Media (65%)

2) Food Label (61%)

3) Friends/Family (42%)

What do consumers think has the biggest impact on their health?  Check out the clip below to find out!

Overall, IFIC found that consumers believe exercise has the biggest impact on their health, ahead of healthful food choices and managing weight.

Want more dirt on what your fellow Americans are munching on?  Check out the online summary here, and stay tuned for more of the findings as they are released!



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